Sunday, December 12, 2010

University Gallery

I met with Logan (right) at the University of Bangkok Galleries for an impressive opening of faculty work.  We met Bon (left) and Toi (middle), from the "Nuts Society" (crazy artists):
Bon made a cookie box installation based on the Thai text for "generosity," in collaboration with others.  I realized that food, not surprisingly, has an important place in Thai art because of its central place in Thai culture.  (You could say that food is central in every culture, but then you come to Thailand).   

I love this "braille picture book" for blind children:

Then we went to the opening at WTF Gallery, with great plays on Thai words, called "Winking while Talking"
like the word for "chicken" is the same as the word for "prostitute," hence...
Ronald Mcdonald doing the "wai" (hands together/slight bow greeting)

 the artist, Nut Saenchuen
 Then off to Shades of Retro, a cool bar, with Sandy:
 + here's the owner- a super nice, English-speaking Thai:

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