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Sunday, January 2, 2011


32 hours after leaving my Bangkok apt., my NYC life begins again in this new year, but I will never forget this amazing month I had the privilege of spending in Thailand.  KobKunKrabMeungTái (Thank you Thailand)!
Now for my last blog post:
Bangkok airport is as crazy as you'd imagine it:
 Lots of waiting around on this trip, 
 but I channeled some of the Buddha's tranquility and patience, and I was never annoyed!
 Then I got to Beijing's brand new, beautiful airport:
(not at all as crazy as you'd imagine it)
 where I waited for 7 hours (many in this place):

 before my NY-bound plane took off:
There were great views of the wing and the sky,
 but time became really confusing - with a 12-hour time difference and the sun coming up, or was it going down?  ...
 I got in touch with celestial time
while really missing Thai food!  
 I arrived to a freezing mountain of snow in NY (and under-dressed of course):
but I got to meet my hypnotically-cute nephew, and marvel at the fact that my little sister is now a mom!  Lots of "wow!" 
The bottom line:   Life is a trip.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thais That Bind

I'm tremendously grateful for this residency, and I'd like to give a few shout-outs on the Global Stereotype Radio...  A huge THANKS to the apexart theory and practice: Julia, Steven, Cybele, Julian, & Heather.  GRACIAS Melissa Rachleff-Burtt for the rec, and OBRIGADO Sergio Bessa & the AIM 30 crew.  MERCI beaucoup to my generous Kickstarter Backers, to Logan Bay & Sandy for guardian-angel-ship, & to their guitar-lending friend.  ASANTE to the whole RCS crew, to my students, & to Virginia.  BIG UP YOURSELF to all my peeps! DANKE SCHÖN to ABB crew, Christine & Taller Boricua, previous outbound residents Jayson Keeling & Edwin Ramoran, and the Third Streaming crew.

SHÚKRAN to the people who hooked me up even before I left, like José Ruiz, Ji & Yin, Skowmon, Prawat, Sandi, Becca, and Karen.  KOB KÚN KRÁB to my Thai peoples Denis & the Q-Bar crew, Toby & the Patravadi crew, Som & chefs, Baan Bar & Seasoning, Orange, the Nuts Society, Philip "Very Thai," Susan & Eagle House, my Chiang Mai Kru crew [guru], Marisa & Sangdee Gallery, Korakot, Pailín, & Panú, and ARIGATO Chiká.  GRAZIE MILLE to my Folks for being right there, my sister & Adam (for giving me a nephew to come home to!), and to my extended familia both near & far.  To all the Thai cooks who kept me alive and kicking... and screaming:   ALÓI ! 

THANK YOU all for making December 2010 become a mind-boggling, eye-popping, brain-altering & expanding reality.   I am so sad to leave but so happy to have been here.

KOB KÚN MÁK NA KRÁB  &  Happy New Year ! ! !

When Dogs Bark

sounds like Confucius to me...  That sign was @ a Wat (temple).  Here are a few more miscellaneous pics:




Jim Thompson

I went to Jim Thompson's traditional-style Thai home-turned-museum, but they wouldn't let me take pictures (don't even get me started on what I think about that type of policy).  Anyway, I most enjoyed  the art and antique collection.  Jim Thompson was a silk businessman who fell in love with Thailand and built this home before mysteriously disappearing in 1967.  I submit to you that he is currently working at a 7-11 in Chiang Mai.  Here are the few pictures I was able to sneak...
 the spirit house here...

Click here for their website (which could really use more pics from his collection).  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Apt

My "Soi" (alley off a main street)...
 and studio apt - a 4th floor walkup (in BKK heat): 
 luckily it had A.C. (and my own bathroom),
and a fan.
Here are some views from my little balcony:


 I can judge how busy Bangkok is by seeing how many people are walking on this Skytrain ramp (and it's usually really busy):

And here's the communal balcony:
and the best part of its view (this type of scaffold never ceases to amaze me):
I grew to love this little apt. and especially its location.  I'll miss it - 4 flights and all.