Sunday, January 2, 2011


32 hours after leaving my Bangkok apt., my NYC life begins again in this new year, but I will never forget this amazing month I had the privilege of spending in Thailand.  KobKunKrabMeungTái (Thank you Thailand)!
Now for my last blog post:
Bangkok airport is as crazy as you'd imagine it:
 Lots of waiting around on this trip, 
 but I channeled some of the Buddha's tranquility and patience, and I was never annoyed!
 Then I got to Beijing's brand new, beautiful airport:
(not at all as crazy as you'd imagine it)
 where I waited for 7 hours (many in this place):

 before my NY-bound plane took off:
There were great views of the wing and the sky,
 but time became really confusing - with a 12-hour time difference and the sun coming up, or was it going down?  ...
 I got in touch with celestial time
while really missing Thai food!  
 I arrived to a freezing mountain of snow in NY (and under-dressed of course):
but I got to meet my hypnotically-cute nephew, and marvel at the fact that my little sister is now a mom!  Lots of "wow!" 
The bottom line:   Life is a trip.