Thursday, December 16, 2010

Raintree (music)

After stopping by Skytrain JazzClub, Logan & Sandy took me to a Thai country music joint called Raintree that Lonely Planet says is "one of the few remaining places in town to hear Pleng Peu-a-chee-wit, Thai folk music with roots in the communist insurgency of the 1960s and 70s."  I would describe the interior design as "Buffalo heads meet random other stuff," and the fried bar food a-la-Thai was great.  I have to admit the music was better than I expected (I've heard that the secret to happiness is low expectations), and I shot 2 videos to share the sound...

King Tut in the house.  Come to think of it, his nickname sounds very Thai...
flags on display, including Ecuador's (center), presumably still up from the world cup (which they got to watch at night over here!) 
Thai Country Music Maven:

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