Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thais That Bind

I'm tremendously grateful for this residency, and I'd like to give a few shout-outs on the Global Stereotype Radio...  A huge THANKS to the apexart theory and practice: Julia, Steven, Cybele, Julian, & Heather.  GRACIAS Melissa Rachleff-Burtt for the rec, and OBRIGADO Sergio Bessa & the AIM 30 crew.  MERCI beaucoup to my generous Kickstarter Backers, to Logan Bay & Sandy for guardian-angel-ship, & to their guitar-lending friend.  ASANTE to the whole RCS crew, to my students, & to Virginia.  BIG UP YOURSELF to all my peeps! DANKE SCHÖN to ABB crew, Christine & Taller Boricua, previous outbound residents Jayson Keeling & Edwin Ramoran, and the Third Streaming crew.

SHÚKRAN to the people who hooked me up even before I left, like José Ruiz, Ji & Yin, Skowmon, Prawat, Sandi, Becca, and Karen.  KOB KÚN KRÁB to my Thai peoples Denis & the Q-Bar crew, Toby & the Patravadi crew, Som & chefs, Baan Bar & Seasoning, Orange, the Nuts Society, Philip "Very Thai," Susan & Eagle House, my Chiang Mai Kru crew [guru], Marisa & Sangdee Gallery, Korakot, Pailín, & Panú, and ARIGATO Chiká.  GRAZIE MILLE to my Folks for being right there, my sister & Adam (for giving me a nephew to come home to!), and to my extended familia both near & far.  To all the Thai cooks who kept me alive and kicking... and screaming:   ALÓI ! 

THANK YOU all for making December 2010 become a mind-boggling, eye-popping, brain-altering & expanding reality.   I am so sad to leave but so happy to have been here.

KOB KÚN MÁK NA KRÁB  &  Happy New Year ! ! !

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